Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Artist Andi Arnovitz tackles Iran, IS and the plunder of Islamic culture

By Jessica Steinberg
For artist Andi Arnovitz, her latest collection of collages, titled 'Threatened Beauty,' is an opportunity to wonder about the culture, people and regimes threatening Iran and Iraq 
ISREAL---Artist Andi Arnovitz worries about a nuclear Iran. She also spends a lot of time thinking about Islamic State and Iraq. It’s not that she doesn’t have other, more immediate worries. But the current headlines about beheadings in Syria and nuclear enrichment in Iran leave her uneasy and full of questions. “Where’s the truth in this?” she asked. “I can’t figure it out; somebody’s bluffing.” That may be. But for now, Arnovitz, 55, who often works watercolor, collage and other print media into her prints and installations, put her nervous energy into “Threatened Beauty,” a weighty group of works currently on exhibit at Jerusalem’s L.A. Mayer Museum for Islamic Art. [link]

‘In the olive grove’ by Andi Arnovitz (Courtesy Andi Arnovitz)