Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Poll shows growing religious support for same-sex marriage

By Daniel Burke, CNN Religion Editor
According to PRRI's poll, there are now more people of faith who favor marriage equality than stand against it, a dramatic turn in one of this country's most divisive debates and a generational shift with the potential to sweep through everything from the wedding industry to the 2016 presidential race. But as PRRI's survey shows, there are often differences of opinion between the pulpits and the pews. Despite vocal opposition from the U.S. Catholic Bishops, for example, 60% of Catholics now favor same-sex marriage. That's a huge increase from 2003, when just 35% backed gay rights, according to survey conducted at the time by the Pew Research Center. What a difference a decade makes. [link]

77% of Jews; 76% of Buddhists; 60% of Catholics; 55% of Hindus support same-sex marriage (Source: Public Religion Research Institute)