Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Siona Benjamin's reimagined "Snow White" in new book of the Grimms fairytales

By Ernest Disney-Britton
Detail from "Snow Blue" by Siona Benjamin
The love of books, is a faith tradition that goes back centuries, and for the new book "Mirror Mirrored: A Contemporary Artists’ Edition of Grimms’ Tales" Gwarlingo and Uzzlepye Press have launched a new series of limited-edition classic books illuminated by contemporary artists, starting with Grimms’ fairy tales. They've invited contemporary artists to reimagine Grimms' stories, and to share fresh spin on these traditional tales. The project is the result of a successful Kickstarter project, and one of the 27 artists is Siona Benjamin from the Jewish Art Salon whose work reimagines the evil Queen's dialogue in Snow White: "Mirror mirror on the wall; Who is the bluest of them all Come dark maiden on the call; Float my boat but not too tall; Black and blue you have some gall; Bet you couldn’t take the fall." Books can be preordered using paypal.

"Snow Blue" (2015) by Siona Benjamin. Gouache and gold leaf on wood panel, size: 24.5” x 11”