Thursday, May 21, 2015

Theatre Review: In Sara Fellini’s ‘In Vestments,’ Haunted by More Than Ghosts

By Laura Collins-Hughes
Eric Soto in a scene from "In Vestments."
NEW YORK---As the play begins, the priests face a quandary: What to do with sacramental wine that was tainted by plaster falling from the ceiling at the moment of transubstantiation, just as the wine became the blood of Christ? Set in a Roman Catholic parish called Our Lady of Perpetual Sighs, it’s performed in the intimate chapel of West Park Presbyterian Church on the Upper West Side, where the audience sits in pews lining the walls. Presented by Theater 4the People, with free admission, “In Vestments” is a sort of dramaturgical jambalaya, flavored with the full-throated music of Jacques Brel, sung by Pierre Marais. [link]