Friday, July 31, 2015

Religious art offers an example for Christian health and fitness

By Ernest O. Disney-Britton
"Christ on the cross adored by two donors" (1590) by El Greco
If God designed the human body as perfect, why are physiologists always seeking ways for us to get fit? It's because so many of us have grown overweight and obese. Most Americans are in fact 23 pounds heavier than our ideal. In Scripture, we have God’s guide to perfect health. It teaches ideal dietary choices and habits such as fasting. In religious art, we also find depictions of God's perfection. El Greco and other artists provide examples of God's design. This design is not narcissistic body-building but maintaining God's perfection.
God's ideal inside the American physique
"Do You Believe in Jesus? If so...which one?" (2012) by JW-Jeong. Acrylic paint on wood. 40 x 56cm