Thursday, July 23, 2015

Stolen Buddhist painting returned from U.S.

By Yonhap News
Shown is a stolen 18th century Buddhist painting that was reclaimed by South Korea in June. (Yonhap) (Photo courtesy of Cultural Heritage Administration)
SOUTH KOREA---South Korea has reclaimed a stolen 18th century Buddhist painting from a U.S. art collector, the cultural agency said Tuesday. The Cultural Heritage Administration said the work, presumed to be from about 1738, was donated by the American who had initially offered it at an auction in March. The agency reclaimed it last month after asking the collector to cancel its sale. The work, which is 65 centimeters wide and 97 centimeters long, is a portrait of a great Seon monk that used to be kept inside Seonam Temple in Suncheon, located 294 kilometers south of Seoul. [link]