Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Straight & Black sex symbol, Taye Diggs prepares to take on Broadway's most gender-bending role

By James Hannhan
Transformation. Credit Ryan Pfluger for The New York Times
NEW YORK---The creators of ‘‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’’ must recognize that casting [Taye] Diggs is a powerful, timely move. They’re celebrating both the ambiguity of gender and the beauty and skill of a black actor at a time when displays of black people’s bodies in peril have become daily news. A sinewy black man with a shaved head, wearing shiny gold ankle boots, sashays runway-style across the pine floorboards of the New 42nd Street Studios, microphone in hand. In addition to the boots, he wears black drop-crotch sweatpants and a gray tank top that soon becomes drenched in sweat. [link]