Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pop Artist. Provocateur. Catholic. Who was Andy Warhol?

For those who've never studied Andy Warhol and his prolific body of work, they've still most likely encountered it in many of the pop icons of the late 20th Century. But while Warhol may be known best for the his visionary depiction of fame and popular culture, his art can also be understood as iconic – in another, much more literal, way. Why? Because he was an ardently practicing Byzantine Catholic, say those close to the artist and his work. While many assume he was non-religious, Andy Warhol “was far from an atheist,” Warhola told CNA. In fact, they say, Warhol's art is actually best understood through the lens of faith and iconography. “He was a practicing Byzantine Catholic, and actually attended a Roman church later in his life.” [link]