Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Clifford Owens’s scatological whispers

By Louis Bury
Clifford Owens, “Untitled” (2015), C-print, 30 x 30 inches (all images courtesy the artist and INVISIBLE-EXPORTS)
NEW YORK---At Invisible-Exports, Owens’s eponymous exhibit reaches back to his prior repertoire of performance gestures as a way of subtly moving his practice forward. Known for his charisma and his derring-do, Owens uses his body — and, often, the bodies of his audiences — as the primary material for risqué explorations of race, sexuality, identity, etiquette, and art history. Love them or hate them, Owens’s provocative self-exposures, at once calculated and spontaneous, will likely continue happening in one form or another. [link]
Clifford Owens, “Untitled” (2015), coffee and vaseline on watercolor paper, 30 x 21 inches