Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The perfect Renaissance painter Andrea del Sarto at both the Met and Frick

By Holland Cotter
“The Holy Family With the Young Saint John the Baptist” by Andrea del Sarto
NEW YORK---It’s the absolutely perfect artist, with possible hints of an insecure one, that we meet in “Andrea del Sarto: The Renaissance Workshop in Action” at the Frick Collection. In this first major solo show of his art in the United States, and in a small concurrent one at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, del Sarto comes across as having an angel’s hand, a scientist’s eye and a self-punishing striver’s drive to keep trying, trying, trying to get good at what he does. The Frick show, a collaboration with the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, has 45 drawings and three paintings that together cover del Sarto’s career. [link]

Andrea del Sarto: The Renaissance Workshop in Action” is at the Frick Collection, 1 East 70th Street, Manhattan; 212-288-0700, frick­.org. “Andrea del Sarto’s Borgherini Holy Family” is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; 212-535-7710; metmuseum­.org. Both shows run through Jan. 10.