Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Theatre where the characters are Orthodox but the themes are universal

By Talya Zax, Forward’s culture intern.
Poster for the production
NEW YORK---Several Jewish-oriented theaters around the country, including Boston’s Israeli Stage and Atlanta’s Jewish Theatre of the South, have already produced ”Hard Love.” This production, however, is remarkable because TACT has no religious affiliation, and Lerner is the first Israeli playwright whose work the company has produced. “I enjoyed examining the play as a Jewish man who has faith, dealing with a man who doesn’t,” said Mack’s co-star Ian Kahn, who plays Zvi, Hannah’s Orthodox-turned-atheist former husband. “He’s very questioning,” Kahn said. “It is Jewish to question life; the joy of being a Jew is to question everything.” That questioning is at the heart of Lerner’s play. [link]

“Hard Love,” presented by The Actors Company Theatre, is at the Beckett Theatre through October 31. Ticket information can be found at