Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hyperrealistic sculptor Tony Matelli flips "Adam and Eve" on their heads

By Sami Emory — May 21 2015
Tony Matelli, Figure 1, 2015, silicone, steel, urethane, hair, ed. 1/1 +1AP. 67 x 18 x 8 in.
NEW YORK---Inside the unadorned walls of the Marlborough Chelsea and its Broome Street offshoot, Tony Matelli’s Garden exhibition makes it seem as though the world itself has been flipped on its axis. The show encompasses an imposing spectrum of Matelli's new works, from hyperrealistic, inverted "Adam" and "Eve"-style figures, to a set of the artist’s iconic mirror works, to a collection of garden sculpture "readymades." [link]
Detail of Adam's feet
Alongside the Edenic pair, Matelli’s enigmatic rope sculpture and its imbedded, stainless steel backbone create the illusion that the day-glo green silicone snakes weightlessly off of the gallery floor, serving “both in physical attitude and as a surrogate Edenic serpent.”