Saturday, March 12, 2016

Day #28 - Art for Lent: Angela Strassheim's "Untitled (McDonald's)" #Lent2016

By Aaron Rosen
"Untitled (McDonald's)" (2004) by Angela Strassheim, | USA. C-print, 40 x 50 inches, Edition of 8.
A Key theme in Strassheim's photographs is her exploration of her born-again Christian upbringing. 'Jesus never made any sense to me, yet one is supposed to learn from one's parents,' she muses. 'I am always looking for the one, usually a girl, who seems to be off in another place within this framework because that is how I always saw myself.' Works like this remain steadfastly ambivalent, refusing an obvious polemic against American capitalism and religion. [page 173]

Lent is the annual Christian preparation for Easter. "Today's Art for Lent2016" features artworks that illustrate the Christian "Battle between Carnival and Lent."