Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Early James Turrell Works Reveal a Master in the Making

By Ysabelle Cheung
Orca, Blue, 1969. Single wall projection, dimensions variable. Photograph by Florian Holzherr © James Turrell, courtesy Pace Gallery
NEW YORK---As much as James Turrell is fascinated with the earthbound qualities of light and shadows, he is also always looking upwards—to the invisible and unstructured quarries of space. His meeting rooms, enclosed areas with apertures that allow only a cluster of people in at a time, reveal a direct connection between earth and the galaxies above. Meanwhile, his light sculptures are attempts to create dimensionalities that merge the formless, unexplained miasmas usually associated with space, and humbler shapes familiar to our everyday lives: a cube or a pyramid. To learn more, visit Pace Gallery through June 18th in New York and Palo Alto, California. [link]