Thursday, September 22, 2016

An Interfaith Exhibition Featuring the Egyptian Ankh (Key of Life)

Artist: Peter W. Gray
NEW YORK---The 2016 CARAVAN exhibition of Art, "The Key" uses the world’s most ancient symbol of harmony and pluralism, the Egyptian Ankh (known as the “Key of Life”) as the canvas for a contemporary message of hope for a harmonious, peaceful and tolerant world. It showcases the work of 40 premier and emerging Egyptian, Middle Eastern and Western contemporary artists using a modern 3D fiberglass portrayal of the Ankh (an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph that read “life”) as a means of engendering harmony and peace among people of different cultural heritages and faith backgrounds. The Riverside Church in New York: "The Key" (September 22 - November 6, 2016); 490 Riverside Drive, New York, NY; (212) 870-6700;