Saturday, September 17, 2016

Collecting Guide: 5 Things to Know About Himalayan Bronzes

By Leiko Coyle, Specialist
A gilt bronze figure of Vasudhara. Nepal, 13th century. 6 ½ in (16.6 cm) high. Estimated $150,000-200,000 but realized $21,250 on 13 September 2016 at Christie’s in New York, Rockefeller Plaza
There is tremendous iconographic variation in the field of Himalayan sculpture: from wrathful guardian deities to serene portraits of historical teachers and depictions of animal-headed dancing goddesses. These revered images were generally commissioned by wealthy patrons and the monasteries or temples they supported. Although a number of Himalayan bronzes depict Buddhist iconography, many represent Hindu deities. Get to know the rich and varied pantheon of gods and goddesses to discover if there is a particular deity that resonates with you. Do you want a wrathful protector or a goddess of abundance? [link]
  1. Buddhas are just the beginning
  2. Familiarise yourself with patina
  3. Turn it over
  4. Do your homework on pricing
  5. Look at as many examples as possible