Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Collector Spotlight: Salvador Dali Prints

Gregory Disney-Britton stands beside his newly acquired print Christ of Gala (Crucifixion) by Salvador Dali on Japon paper with Embossed Signature, 1981 HC 60/75
This week, we acquired both a print of Salvador Dali's Christ of Gala (Crucifixion) and a poster of  William G. Wallace's 3:16 from our church, LifeJourney Church in Indianapolis. Collecting prints is a great opportunity to acquire works by modern masters, at lower costs. An original print is much different from a poster since it is taken from a matrix that the artist works on. A poster is generally a photo-mechanical reproduction of a work of art. So, our new print is not an original like Dali's Crucifixion, an oil on canvas painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but the reward of owning a print by a favorite master is still pretty wonderful.
Christ of Gala (Crucifixion) by Salvador Dali print on Japon paper with Embossed Signature, 1981 EA 53/100, EA 57/100 available on Japon This lithograph is from a pair of original paintings. When mounted side by side and viewed with an optical instrument, the images were said to blend into a single image that appeared to be three dimensional. Reference 82-1, page 187 in The Official Catalog of Graphic Works of Salvador Dali by Albert Field Blind Stamp DALART N.V. 29" x 21.5"
Embossed Signature Detail An image of Salvador Dali's signature was stamped/embossed on the print during the printing process.
John 3:16 (1979) by William G. Wallace. 10.5x21 inches