Saturday, October 15, 2016

Photographs of Women's Tortured Lives in Churches and Museum of Contemporary Religious Art

By Joseph Kenny
Erika Diettes Sudarios #1 2011 digital photograph on silk 7.48 x 4.4 ft image courtesy of the artist
MISSOURI---The photographs by Colombian artist Erika Diettes in "Sudarios" are of women who were forced to witness the torture and murder of their loved ones during Colombia's 50 years of civil conflict. The display is carefully designed to make the portraits come alive. Diettes displays "Sudarios" only in churches and sacred places, appropriate because the women's lives and the lives lost to war are sacred. MOCRA is the former chapel for the Jesuits studying for the priesthood or brotherhood. Father Dempsey brought the exhibit to MOCRA, the third place it's been displayed in the U.S., with the help of the Martha Schneider Gallery in Chicago. [link]

Museum of Contemporary Religious Art: "Sudarios" by Erika Diettes (Through Dec. 4); 3700 West Pine Blvd at St. Louis University, Saint Louis, MO; (314) 977-7170;
"Sudarios" by Erika Diettes is a collection of portraits of women reliving "the moment that divided her life in two," alive but not living with grief from witnessing family embers who were victims of violence during unrest in Colombia.