Monday, December 26, 2016

Tibet sets standards for Thangka paintings

As a Buddhist art form, Thangka paintings are often hung on the walls of the homes of Tibetan families for worship. Moreover, they are ideal souvenirs for tourists in Tibet or other Tibetan areas.
CHINA---Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region is making standards for Thangka painting -- a traditional style of Tibetan Buddhist scroll painting, local authorities said Friday. Wangchen, director of the institute for standardization under the regional bureau of quality and technical supervision, said that the standards will define Thangka from the aspects of the cloth, pigment, painting skills and so on. The standards which will be issued in 2017 will include the rating principles for Thangka products, according to Wangchen. Thangka is a form of silk painting that dates back to the Tibetan Tubo Kingdom (about 629-840). [link]