Friday, December 16, 2016

When Russian art blurs the lines between religion and fetishism

By Bex Shorunke
"Red Mongol" by Karina Akopyan in "Martyrs & Martyroshkas"
Russian-born, London-based artist Karina Akopyan’s work is a unique blending of the past with the present. In her latest exhibition, Martrys & Martyoshkas, she draws upon the symbolism, folk tale and ritualistic elements of her Russian Orthodoxy heritage and mixes in the dark voyeurism of London's fetish scene. It’s a form of escapism grounded in realism. Her art is a combination of paintings, photography, sculpture, installations, video footage and costume pieces featuring vivid colours and brazen figures. Whether it's dripping blood, gimps, PVC or role play, this is provocative art intended to spark a reaction. [link]