Friday, January 27, 2017

Chinese artist Chen Yuandu was a pioneer in Catholic painting

By Yi Yang
Detail of hanging scroll, ink on silk
CHINA---Recently, in a modern painting exhibition held by the Tianjin Art Museum, the works of the past Catholic painter Chen Yuandu was shown for the first time to the public. Chen Yuandu was hailed as the pioneer of the "localization" of Catholic art in modern China. Chen Yuandu (1902-1967) original name Chen Xu, was well known as Luke Chen in history, which he was sacred named after his conversion to Catholicism. Formerly, he was teaching Chinese traditional paintings in Fu Jen Catholic University's Department of Art, pioneered the style of painting Saints with the Chinese traditional way which was highly appreciated and respected by the archbishop Cardinal Celso Costantini (widely named Gang Heng-yi in China). [link]
Chen Yuandu‘s painting: Jesus crucified on the cross: Chen's Painting with the Chinese Traditional way.(credit: Photo Provided to CCD)