An Iraqi-born artist who speaks through arcs of calligraphy

By Robin Pogrebin
“Untitled” (2016) by Hassan Massoudy, who is based in Paris. He is having his first solo show in New York at Sundaram Tagore Chelsea. Credit Hassan Massoudy, via Sundaram Tagore Gallery
NEW YORK---The Iraqi-born artist Hassan Massoudy, who is based in Paris, draws on his classical training in calligraphy to create vibrantly colored oversized letters evocative of traditional Arabic script. Having formerly produced headlines for Arabic magazines as a student, Mr. Massoudy now bases his compositions on texts from Eastern and Western poets, authors and philosophers. And at a time of uncertainty for immigrant artists, he is having his first New York solo exhibition, at Sundaram Tagore Chelsea. The show, “Words, Breath, Gesture,” features more than 25 works on paper as well as several paintings on canvas that Mr. Massoudy has created with his own tools and inks. [link]

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