Artist fights street harassment through photos depicting Goddesses

By Yi Shu Ng
Nalina Nair, a political activist, poses as Kali the destroyer in this photo.
MALAYSIA---It's ironic that men who worship female deities would harass women. But that's exactly what one Malaysian artist is fighting against through a photo series depicting Hindu Goddesses. Ruby Subramaniam created the photo series in response to a Facebook group that was set up to threaten Hindu women with spray paint, should they be "inappropriately dressed" during Thaipusam. The photo series, titled "This Body Is Mine", attempts to fight body-policing by giving a contemporary art spin to Hindu Goddesses. [link]

The dancer Harshini Devi Retna is painted as the Hindu Goddess, Lakshmi - one of the Tridevi Goddesses, based on the Hinduism concept. This photograph is inspired by the root word lakṣ (लक्ष्) in Sanskrit, meaning to understand your goal and aim accurately.


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