Saturday, February 4, 2017

The erotic art of "Tudal" in Hindu Temples

By Rajan Thapaliya
Photo by Nuchhe Man Dangol
INDIA---Recently, I visited Kathmandu, Nepal and New Delhi, India. As I am from a Hindu background, I went to Temple. But this time I saw these temples in a new light. I began to wonder why I saw an erotic art in the temple. This is a holy place, but there are so many pictures of people in sexual poses. Why?” When I asked with people about it, they said that this art is called “Tudal.”  There are many reasons for its existence in temple art. Some people believe it’s for karma. According to Hinduism, karma is the sum of a person’s previous state of existence. Actually, in Hinduism it is Mokshya, which means salvation, freedom from materialistic things. After seeing these images, people can feel normal. [link]