Austria's Jewish Museum explores the "Female Side of God"

Rachel Kanter‘s “God’s Aspect” in the exhibition "The Female Side of God." Image courtesy of Jewish Art Salon
HOHENEMS, Austria---The possibility of a sexually—sometimes more, sometimes less—female-defined dimension of God flashes up in the Hebrew Bible, in extracanonical writings, and in rabbinic literature. The Jewish Museum Hohenems poses the question to the monotheistic religions: Is it possible to view the—according to Jewish, Christian, and Muslim tradition—“one and only God” as other than male? The exhibition scrutinizes ideas of the female as negative antithesis to the male, and presents Jewish and other women who have been and still keep searching for their own dimensions of the divine—also in their artistic examinations of traditional notions of God in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. "The Female Side of God" opened in April, and runs through October 8, 2017.

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