Thursday, May 18, 2017

Jeweler Joel Arthur Rosenthal (JAR) creates his first piece of Judaica

By Vanessa Friedman
Joel Arthur Rosenthal’s menorah is shaped like the limb of a blooming almond tree, with pink enamel flowers and a central bud glowing with a pavé mix of white and gold diamonds, blue and violet sapphires, and pink rubies.
ROME, Italy---There are a number of things Joel Arthur Rosenthal, the reclusive Bronx-born, Paris-based “Fabergé of our times” more commonly known as JAR, who is also the only living jeweler to have a solo show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, will not do. ...Mr. Rosenthal appeared in Rome at the opening of the first joint exhibition of the Jewish Museum of Rome and the Vatican. Titled “Menorah: Worship, History, Legend,” it includes 130 objects from the first century through … well, Mr. Rosenthal, who created his first piece of Judaica as well as the only piece of commissioned original art for the exhibition. [More]