Jon McNaughton, the Christian artist of the Republican right-wing

By Marrisa Martin
“Beneath Golgotha” by Jon McNaughton
Jon McNaughton has been a “hidden man” in many respects. A conservative painter with extensive knowledge of his craft, he was far from being a household name – until Sean Hannity introduced him to America in 2012. He attended BYU on an art scholarship, and began with landscapes. Later he created figurative, religious paintings as well. He was born into the Mormon faith, but has a strong leaning toward Messianic Christianity. He explained, “I’m kind of my own thinker. It’s all about Jesus Christ for me.” McNaughton’s work has been called “kitschy” by some critics, and to them it likely is. God, country and family are anathema to the larger art world, and can only be used with disdain or neutrality. It’s a rule, so McNaughton’s open celebration and implications of divine approval are considered kitschy in themselves. [More]
Detail of “Beneath Golgotha” by Jon McNaughton
"Awaiting The Command" by Jon McNaughton
“Runaway Slave” – symbolic portrait of Rev CL Bryant by Jon McNaughton
“The Forgotten Man” by Jon McNaughton – acrylic, 2011 
“One Nation Under Socialism” – Jon McNaughton

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