Saturday, May 20, 2017

Marisa Martin challenges the art world's attitude about presidential daughter, and art collector

By Marisa Martin
Trump posing with her painting by Alex Da Corte (which he demanded she remove from her walls)
The Trumps haven’t shriveled up in apologetic mortis. Ivanka continues her public love affair with art, and doesn’t care if some practitioners attempt to make it unrequited. Recently, she posed at the Hirshhorn, in Washington, D.C. It was the first stop for a traveling Yayoi Kusama exhibit of her “Infinity Mirrors.” Ivanka is attacked because she is a soft target, more than anything else. HAG acknowledged, “Our mission is to irritate Ivanka, her family” and the administration. They admit artists have “a privileged position,” fusing power with art to make itself “more attractive and more palatable and more beautiful.” They know this because they were fully engaged in doing so for the last president. They merely don’t like this one. [More]
Ivanka Trump at Yayoi Kusama exhibit, Hirshhorn Museum