Friday, June 16, 2017

In speedy reversal, Southern Baptists denounce white nationalists

By Jacey Fortin

PHOENIX---Delegates of the Southern Baptist Convention, an evangelical church fellowship with about 15 million members across the United States, condemned white supremacists and the “alt-right” in a resolution on Wednesday, one day after the delegates provoked a backlash by turning down a more harshly worded resolution. The denomination’s annual meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday in Phoenix attracted about 5,000 delegates and pastors from across the country. Mr. Moore said that delegates recognized “a special responsibility to be aware of racial injustice because the S.B.C. was founded on the basis of a defense of slaveholding.” The Southern Baptist Convention was founded in 1845 when it split from Baptists in the North over slavery. [More]
Southern Baptists voted to formally condemn the political movement known as the alt-right during their national meeting in Phoenix on Wednesday. Credit Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press