NYC's Jewish Art Salon rockets to Teaneck

By Joanna Palmer
Joel Silverstein, "Ten Commandments - A Question." Inspired by an 1,800 year old Jewish mural, this shows Jerusalem, Moses and Aaron, drowning Egyptians, the flooding red sea and Wonder woman, mixing figurative art with pop references.
Jews and art. Art and Jews. It’s one of those weird relationships. Many Jews seem to be drawn to art. But it can be a troubled relationship nonetheless. Jewish law has prescriptions against figurative art that kept many Jews away from it for a very long time. Other questions that hover over any discussion of Jewish art also are the very basic ones: What is Jewish art? What is a Jewish artist? Do you have to be Jewish to make Jewish art? Can a Jewish artist make non-Jewish art? How about a-Jewish art? The Jewish Art Salon holds a salon to raise money toward its exhibit, “Jerusalem Between Heaven and Earth” in the Jerusalem Biennale 2017 on Monday, June 26, at 7:30 p.m. in Teaneck; call (201) 837-6157 for more information [More]