Saturday, July 15, 2017

Capturing inner light in photos of yoga masters

Jared McCann. Francesco Mastalia
When did yoga get so big? In the United States, more than 36 million adults practice yoga, more than ever, according to a recent study in Yoga Journal. So when Francesco Mastalia decided to document yoga masters for his latest book, he not only found a timely subject, he also found no shortage of worthy subjects. Still, “Yoga: The Secret of Life,” (due Sept. 12 from powerHouse Books), a lush photo documentary of 108 leading yoga practitioners, morphed, in a fitting way, during the year and a half that Mr. Mastalia spent photographing. It became something much deeper, much more, than even he intended. [More]
"Yoga: The Secret of Life Hardcover" (September 26, 2017) by Francesco Mastalia (Author)