For this gay photographic artist, art is for love’s sake

By: Eunice Barbara C. Novio
Noli Me Tangere, “touch me not” or “don’t thread on me,” (2015-2016) is a series of photographs that examines an internal conflict of homosexuality and Catholicism.
Kelvin Burzon, 28, is an associate instructor of photography at the University of Cincinnati. He received master’s in fine arts from Indiana University’s School of Art + Design. Although Kelvin’s photographic art speaks about his identity, which revolves around religion, sexuality, race and gender, it also tells us about the current situation in many societies. His work may be sacrilegious to many, but he started it to fight bigotry. Kelvin says he cannot avoid this art from reflecting what he is — Filipino, Asian, gay and Catholic. He says he must tell his story to the world because he has the means and opportunity to share a message through his art. [More]
Kelvin Burzon on instagram
"Sacred Heart" by Kelvin Burzon, part of the Noli Me Tangere