Does nudity have a place in prophetic art?

By Marissa Martin
“His Affectionate Embrace” by Michael McGrath – prophetic art in clay
Michael McGrath is a fine artist and illustrator who functions as a “prophetic sculptor” in his church body. When asked to explain “prophetic sculpture” to the perplexed, he expounded a bit for us: “When I sculpt in public, I speak what I hear the Heavenly Father, the Lord Jesus or the Holy Spirit speak. McGrath works in public spots with high visibility. Many of his pieces feature the human body, and in classical tradition, they are rarely clothed. This shocks and upsets some of his audience. Conservative Christians may be disturbed by the sight of a nude Joseph, a prodigal – or even Jesus. His unfinished work “His Affectionate Embrace” is one of those. [More]