Dr Gopals paintings explores spiritual thoughts of Hinduism

By Mompati Tlahankane
Dr Gopals paintings managed to capture the Hinduisim Yogic spiritual practices in an impressive way P
GABERONE, India -- An exhibition of Indian Art Works titled, ‘Time and Space’ is being scheduled at the Thapong Visual Art Centre, Gaborone. The exhibition is showcasing unique and special art works by 10 Indian artists under the aegis of “I” Art Research Foundation in Pondicherry, India. Time and Space show is an example of art exhibition that has professional standard. While there are 10 artists exhibiting their works, one of them, Gopal, has interesting paintings that show human emotions and their spiritual connection with the surroundings. Being a man who has researched on spiritual attributes and new thoughts, Gopal’s paintings at Thapong draw attention because of their appealing and peaceful presentation. [More]