Monday, September 18, 2017

Manu Parekh: ‘Indian artists need to work closer to their roots’

By Shilpa R
The artist with his "The Last Supper" painting at the National Gallery of Modern Art 
When he had to make a choice between art and theatre, he chose the former because this was something one could still pursue even if employed. At 78, Manu Parekh’s retrospective showcasing his 60 years of practice at the National Gallery of Modern Art has given the artist a moment to deliberate about the choices he made in life and their impressions on his oeuvre. Along with this, a coffee table book titled ‘Manu Parekh: 60 Years of Selected Works’ (Aleph) features his celebrated works. (‘Manu Parekh: 60 Years of Selected Works’ is on till September 24 at the NGMA) [More]
His latest work, the Last Supper is a set of 13 individual portraits arranged together to make one large (48x 33 inches) work. “There are famed theatre personalities, friends and actors, but I deliberately did not paint any portraits of artists,” says Parekh who believes that art, music, cinema and theatre play a vital role in society. “Without these, life would just be dry and arid. Art is food for the soul,” he concludes.