Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Joyce Kozloff's echoes of Islamic art

By Zohreen Murtaza
Joyce Kozloff, If I Were a Botanist (Gaza)
FRANCE---Amongst contemporary artists Joyce Kozloff — one of the founders of the Pattern and Decoration Movement in the 1970s is also drawn to the beauty and potential of art from other cultures such as Morocco, Egypt and Turkey. Joyce studied books on geometric Islamic patterns and believes that the decorated arts have the potential to eradicate Western notions of high and low art whilst offering engaging critique on our lives, cultures and even our current geopolitical scenario. In her works, “If I were a Botanist (Gaza)” and “If I were a Botanist (Pale of Settlement)” created in 2015 we see a similar format where the world of aesthetics, order and celestial beauty is haunted by the ghost of conflict and difference. [More]