Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Monroe Community Church hosts "The Next Supper" by William Fritsch during #ArtPrize2017

"The Next Supper" by (2014) by William Fritsch | Two-Dimensional | Vote Code: 65021
GRAND RAPIDS -- While the setting may be familiar - based on Leonardo da Vinci's famous mural - the individuals at the table are people from the artist's faith community. They are from a world of all ages and ways of life coming together, not to reenact "The Last Supper" from the past, but to create today "The Next Supper" with others they embrace and hold dear. The languages on the "Welcome Banner" are Arabic, Thai, Hmong, English, Khmer, Vietnamese, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, German, and Greek. The remaining panels in the background are - left to right - Sir Thomas More, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, Mother Theresa, Archbishop Oscar Romero, and the Peace Dove. Monroe Community Church, 800 Monroe NW, Grand Rapids, MI [More]