Sunday, January 21, 2018

See the artworks that Tavi Gevinson collects

Show Us Your Walls
By John Ortved
Tavi Gevinson in the living room of her Brooklyn apartment, which includes a framed piece by Jenny Holzer (upper left), a publicity still of Catherine Burns in the Frank Perry move “Last Summer” (top, center) and a photograph of Ms. Gevinson dancing at a Fashion Week after-party (right). Credit Adrienne Grunwald for The New York Times
In Tavi Gevinson’s living room, hanging several feet above a pale blue couch, is a poster of a Jenny Holzer work that starts with these seven words: “Change is the basis of all history.” Ms. Gevinson lives in a one-bedroom apartment on a high floor in a new building across the street from the Brooklyn Academy of Music. On the walls of her living area and bedroom are the works of young artists — friends of Ms. Gevinson’s from high school or teenagers she’s featured in Rookie. The apartment also has a few images of Ms. Gevinson: a portrait by the illustrator Adrian Tomine; strips from a picture booth; and a large photo of Ms. Gevinson and her best friend, the photographer and director Petra Collins, dancing at a New York Fashion Week party. [More]