Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Young Collector, Tiffany Zabludowicz continues the family tradition in SoHo

Show Us Your Walls
By Ted Loos, March 8, 2018
Tiffany Zabludowicz in her living room, which includes Artie Vierkant’s “Detachable Storage Rack for a Metallic Structure 25” (upper left); a desk, left, by the French designer Jean ProuvĂ©; Item Idem’s inflatable hot dog “Untitled (Bond Dog)”; “Corn Cobs” by the art collective Puppies Puppies; Josephine Meckseper’s “SS22” (center); and Tracey Emin’s “Concorde III” (right).
Tiffany Zabludowicz has so much art in her two-bedroom SoHo apartment that a perfectly braided loaf of bread on her kitchen counter is immediately suspect: Is that a Claes Oldenburg-style sculpture of a challah, or the thing itself? Ms. Zabludowicz, 25, was born into a prominent London art-buying family. Her parents, Poju and Anita, preside over the Zabludowicz Collection, with holdings of some 4,000 works and an exhibition space in a former Methodist chapel in the Belsize Park neighborhood. So right out of the gate, Ms. Zabludowicz was an art-world insider. The British artist Tracey Emin is “Auntie Tracey,” said Ms. Zabludowicz in a soft English accent, adding, “We have lunch a lot.” [More]