Saturday, July 7, 2018

Collector Michael Finn's obsession with saviors in capes and tights

Show Us Your Walls
By George Gene Gustines
Michael Finn in his study with his treasures. Behind him are three commissioned pieces, with each panel depicting Golden Age comic book heroes from different universes celebrating the Allied victory in World War II. Credit Michelle Gustafson for The New York Times
BRYN MAWR, Pa. — Batman has the Batcave. Superman has the Fortress of Solitude. Michael F. Finn has two upstairs rooms in the house he shares with his family here. One room, where Mr. Finn reads and relaxes, is a paradise of rarities. On a wall is the cover, drawn by Fred Ray, of the 1941 Superman No. 12, a surviving piece of art from the industry’s earliest days, when original pages were destroyed, used to sop up ink or given away. Mr. Finn bought this pencil-and-ink cover at auction last year for $77,675. Like many superheroes, Mr. Finn has a dual identity. He is a lawyer as well as a fan. He pays for them with his legal services. [More]
The sculptural portion of Mr. Finn’s collection — miniature busts of comic characters. Credit Michelle Gustafson for The New York Times</td>