Christian artist explains dramatic painting of Jesus with a heroin addict

By Mark Martin

2018 Alpha Omega Prize Finalist:
"Calvary" by Stephen Sawyer
The painting is titled, "Calvary," and it's a dramatic depiction of what appears to be a heroin addict shooting up Jesus with the drug. The addict uses a syringe to stick a needle into what looks like the arm of Jesus, who is standing behind him with an expression of agony. The painting, a work of Christian artist Stephen Sawyer, is going viral. "Naming a painting has a lot of value – trying to come up with a name that honors the story you're trying to tell," Sawyer told CBN News. "And so in the painting what you see at first glance – some people see the junkie shooting up; some people see the junkie shooting up in Jesus' arm," Sawyer continued. "But the truth is, I was trying to demonstrate the fact that, God does live inside us, and those two arms are the same arm." [More]