Saturday, August 18, 2018

Lenbachhaus exhibits Dan Flavin's installation 'Untitled (for Ksenija), 1994'

Dan Flavin, Untitled (For Ksenija), 1994. Schenkung von Heiner und Philippa Friedrich im Angedenken an ihre Eltern Erika und Harald Friedrich und Dominique und John de Menil © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018. Photo: Lenbachhaus, Ernst Jank.
MUNICH.- The Kunstbau, which was designed by the architect Uwe Kiessler, opened in 1994. The new subterranean space enhanced the Lenbachhaus’s ability to mount large special presentations. For the inaugural exhibition, Dan Flavin (1933–1996) created the installation Untitled (for Ksenija), 1994. Conceived specifically for the gallery, this late work is an imposing example of Flavin’s ongoing creative engagement with the dynamic interplay between light art and architecture. Flavin was a leading protagonist of minimalism, a movement in visual art defined by the radical reduction of the formal repertoire to simple geometric structures. Formal and resolutely unequivocal, they always relate to their environments, making the viewers’ perceptions of the work and its interaction with the space around it an integral part of the art. [More]