Thursday, January 10, 2019

Religious art takes centre stage at Valletta exhibition

By Stephanie Fsadni
Eleńa Ryzhykh is mainly known for her abstract and figurative works. Photos: Chris Sant Fournier
An abstract painting on which an image of the Madonna and a Cruficix allegedly appeared have led Ukrainian artist Eleńa Ryzhykh to turn to religious art. “In 2008, a miracle happened on one of my abstract works. Scenes of the Madonna with a baby and a praying figure with a Crucifix appeared on a vertical, large canvas. I felt indebted to God for this miracle and spent four years writing Bible stories,” Ryzhykh told the Times of Malta. A selection of her Bible-themed works are among 30 paintings currently on display at the Fortress Builders − Fortifications Interpretation Centre in Valletta. The exhibition, titled Spectrum, also features abstract coloristic structures and laconic landscapes. [More]