Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Sotheby's Announces an Eclectic Offering of Objects From the Prehistory Period to the Present

This colossal head of Shakyamuni Buddha is outstanding for its monumental size and powerful countenance. Est. HK$6,000,000 - 8,000,000/ USD 765,000 - 1,020,000. Courtesy Sotheby's.
HONG KONG.- Sotheby’s Hong Kong will present Curiosity V on 2 April at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. In its fifth instalment, the sale offers an eclectic and thought-provoking assemblage of works ranging across time and geographical space, from Ice Age Siberia, to Bronze Age China, Ancient Egypt and Medieval Europe. Highlights include an important Neolithic jade cong from the Liangzhu culture formerly in the distinguished collection of Duan Fang (1861-1911); a monumental stucco Buddha head dating from the Liao dynasty in the 10th-12th century; a rare complete skeleton of a Pleistocene period mammoth; and a principal springer mullion from the south window of Canterbury Cathedral. [More]