At Auschwitz Exhibition, a Witness to a History, He Can Never Forget

By Joseph Berger
Roman Kent, a survivor of Auschwitz, in front of fencing from the Nazi death camp that is part of a large new exhibition at the Museum of Jewish Heritage.
Each weathered piece of history set off a mental reel of flickering images for Roman Kent. The boxcar stationed outside the entrance of the Museum of Jewish Heritage near Battery Park in Manhattan. It looked like the one that had brought him to Auschwitz. On May 8, the museum will open an exhibition to the public that will, unavoidably, also open wounds. Titled “Auschwitz, Not Long Ago, Not Far Away,” it will tell the story of that emblematic death camp, and the Holocaust, with 700 artifacts, most borrowed from Auschwitz, where 1.1 million people were killed, one million of them Jews. [More]
Many people arrived at Auschwitz with their luggage, imagining that they were simply being relocated.