By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
Tom Torluemke's "Sickly Decline" (2019)
Tom Torluemke is today's Hieronymus Bosch. In his newest exhibition, "Born in the USA" at Chicago's One After 909 gallery, he encourages viewers to see beyond the details into both America's beauty and depravity. He adopts a mural-like style to illustrate badly behaving powerful adults, and also kids in one piece. Despite the brutal impact of the imagery, it is in his meticulous details that the darkness of the images emerge. We must see the shit before we will clean it up, and that's why Tom Torluemke's "Born in the USA" is our art of the week.

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Tom Torluemke working in the studio working on his first screenprint in collaboration with One After 909 Editions
Tom Torluemke's "Born in the USA" installation at One After 909, Chicago, IL through June 8, 2019
Tom Torluemke's "Sickly Decline" on display at One After 909 gallery
Tom Torluemke, "Mr. Softee," 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 52.5 x 65 inches

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