From Slavery to Mass Incarceration in America

By Ernest Disney-Britton
We went to see Montgomery, Alabama to see the acclaimed lynching memorial. Soon after arriving, I had the overwhelming urge to escape the South. It's an experience that tells the detailed and graphic story of the racial oppression from slavery to mass incarceration. The National Memorial to Peace & Justice recognizes the lynchings that took place in over 800 counties across America. While there, we also took the Civil Rights tour: MLK’s Dexter Baptist Church, Rosa Parks Memorial & Library, Freedom Riders Greyhound Bus station museum, and drove the 52 miles to Selma to walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, the location for Bloody Sunday, March 1965. We also searched unsuccessfully for a Gay bar. However, we did find a small but colorful Gay Pride Festival hidden away in a nonprofit garden site. I'm glad we went.
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