When You’re Palestinian, American and Jewish, Life — Like Your Art — Is Complicated

By Joy Bernard
“The Lost Key” (2019) by Jordan Nassar. Credit: Jordan Nassar / Anat Ebgi Gallery
In late September, a strange sight greeted visitors to Tel Aviv’s Center for Contemporary Art. A sign at the door scrawled in Hebrew, Arabic and English, featured the name of the supposed resident of this temporary home: Nassar. Jordan Nassar’s unusual background, coupled with the fact that for the past six years he has been married to an Israeli man, has nurtured his strong desire to explore, both personally and artistically, “the land between the river and the sea” — the name he prefers to use instead of “Israel” and “Palestine.” [More]
Jordan Nassar. "I can go into Ramallah one day, and go to Ra’anana for Shabbat dinner at my husband’s family the next. That’s my life, that’s who I am." Credit: Alexander Rotondo
Jordan Nassar’s “The Sea Beneath Our Eyes” exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv. Credit: Eyal Agivayev

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