10th Day of Christmas: Collecting Mary Snowden's Suburban Motherhood

By Gregory Disney-Britton
Gregory Disney-Britton's lithograph of Mary Snowden's "Untitled" (2000)
On the 10th Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a limited-edition print by Bay area artist Mary Snowden. Born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania in 1940, she is perhaps best known for her humorous collages about the suburbs and motherhood, oil paintings, and her art stitchings. More recently, she has been depicting rural farm life. Notably, she was the first female artist to win the SECA Award from the Museum of Modern Art in 1974.  Today's gift, created by Mary Snowden is from a suite created by artists at the Tamarind Institute.
Mary Snowden and an example of her stitched art
Mary Snowden, Untitled, 2000 (00-356)
Hog Oil paint and thread on linen 11 × 14 in 27.9 × 35.6 cm
Stitched art by Mary Snowden in above image closer