Paying Tribute to COVID Warriors, the Rangayana Way

By Shankar Bennur
Speaking to ‘Star of Mysore,’ Art designer Dwarakanath said, “We are displaying these art works in an effort to create awareness about this pandemic among the general public. The Coronavirus in the form of venomous serpent Kaliya.”
A 60-foot wide artwork that chronicles the origin of COVID-19 and its global spread besides paying tribute to the frontline workers for successfully combating the pandemic has come up at Rangayana Mysuru, the State’s premier theatre repertory. Senior Rangayana artiste Dwarakanath, with support from artist Ranganath, has narrated the mayhem caused by the pandemic with paint and brush. They took a week’s time to finish the wall painting that is now drawing attention. A dragon represents the invisible virus’s incidence in China, spreading to other countries and becoming a global pandemic. The illustration portrays the dragon’s havoc with images of places such as tourist places for which the COVID-19 affected countries are well-known. [More]

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